Karl Jones

USPTA Intermountain Chairperson

  • I am very excited to see the growth of the U30 movement in the Intermountain division continue. Having so many U30 pros at the Intermountain Conference was an amazing way to introduce these young coaches to the USPTA community and to motivate them to recruit other under 30 coaches to join the movement. Moving forward I’m hoping to see our U30 pros create learning and volunteer opportunities to support their local communities and teaching professionals. This will help U30 pros not only get more involved in their communities but help them develop the business and communication skills that are so important in the tennis industry. Overall, we have a great group of young teaching professionals in our division and I’m looking forward to seeing them grow throughout the course of their tennis careers.

  • USPTA “Tennis on Wheels” – Within the next quarter, myself and USPTA U30 pro Ricky Sypert aim to launch a U30 “Tennis on Wheels” program in Las Vegas, Nevada order to spread the game of tennis to the masses. We plan to take racquets, tennis balls, and portable tennis nets to local schools, businesses, and organizations and provide them with a free tennis lesson/clinic. Due to the portability of our equipment, we see this working in school gymnasiums, offices, and even parking lots. We see the U30 “Tennis on Wheels” program as a great way to spread the game of tennis, as well as get USPTA professionals involved in giving back to the community.


USPTA U30 Volunteers Offer Clinic in Las vegas

USPTA Intermountain Division VP & U30 Lead Karl Jones and USPTA U30 Professionals Rudy Abitago and Jake Lysgaard with kids at World Team Tennis in The Orleans Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada. The Las Vegas Rollers took on The Springfield Lasers in front of a sold out crowd.

U30 Professionals provided a clinic for kids on the WTT court ahead of the home opener for Las Vegas, enjoying their first season with a WTT tennis team.


“Tennis On Wheels”

USPTA Intermountain Division VP & U30 Lead Karl Jones and USPTA U30 Professionals Rudy Abitago, Jake Lysgaard, and Ricky Sypert with kids at The Shade Tree homeless shelter.

Through their USPTA U30 “Tennis On Wheels” service, U30 professionals provided at-risk children at The Shade Tree, a safe shelter for homeless and/or abused women and children, with a tennis event at their facility.


“Tennis On Wheels”

USPTA Intermountain Division VP & U30 Lead Karl Jones and USPTA U30 Professional Ricky Sypert with students at Ruby Thomas Elementary School.

Through their USPTA U30 “Tennis On Wheels” service and the After School All-Stars program, Karl Jones and Ricky Sypert provided 16 at-risk kids with a free tennis clinic inside of one of their school’s classrooms.


“Tennis On Wheels”

USPTA Intermountain Division VP & U30 Lead Karl Jones and USPTA U30 Professionals Rudy Abitago and Ricky Sypert with students at Robert O. Gibson Middle School.

USPTA U30 Professionals provided a free 1-hour tennis clinic to underserved Las Vegas youth at Robert O. Gibson Middle School through their “Tennis On Wheels” service.


U30 Professionals at the BNP

Ricky Sypert (Las Vegas, NV)
Christina Sanders (Las Vegas, NV)
Rudy Abitago (Las Vegas, NV)

USPTA U30 Intermountain Division

During the winter season the U30 USPTA Intermountain movement built off of the momentum of its successful fall season, and after the 2019 USPTA Intermountain Conference things only show signs of getting better. Listed below are some of the highlights and accomplishments of this winter season, as well as some plans for the near future.

  • 30 Committed U30 Professionals –  Currently we have 30 committed U30 professionals across the Intermountain section, and we’re expecting that number to grow as we continue to raise awareness about the U30 division. These young professionals are energetic and passionate about furthering their tennis careers and making an impact on their tennis communities. Moving forward, U30 pros will look to create opportunities to help spread the game of tennis and grow the U30 Intermountain division.

  • Conference Calls – In September 2018 we held the first U30 conference call with Intermountain President Andy Zodin. We plan to hold quarterly conference calls for the U30 division with the next call taking place in March 2019.

  • First Annual Las Vegas Mega Mixer – In November 2018, Board President Andy Zodin, Nevada District President Dan Maccenello, and I, as the U30 representative, hosted the first annual Las Vegas Mega Mixer. This event included tennis, golf, and a dinner with local club players, high-performance juniors, USPTA pros, and USPTA U30 pros. The Mega Mixer was a great introduction to the USPTA community for the U30 professionals and a great opportunity for everyone involved to bond. 

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 9.21.14 AM.png
Pictures from Las Vegas Mega Mixer

Pictures from Las Vegas Mega Mixer




  • U30 Meeting at Intermountain Conference – During our division’s annual conference I held a meeting with all attending U30 pros. It was wonderful to have everyone introduce themselves to each other and exchange contact information, as well as go over ideas on how to make an impact on our tennis communities. 

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 9.36.05 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 9.36.12 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 1.11.27 PM.png

Thank You from the U30s

As a USPTA U30 Grant recipient, I had the incredible opportunity to attend the 2019 USPTA Intermountain Conference in Centennial, Colorado. Aside from the wealth of tennis drills and information that I gained from the conference, my favorite part about this experience was being able to meet so many kind, knowledgeable, and passionate tennis professionals, especially the U30 Team. Being only 19, it’s great to know that there are other young professionals out there who are striving for the same things as me, and that I’ll be able to work alongside these professionals as we continue to develop in our tennis careers.

After attending this conference, it is clear to me that being a great tennis coach isn’t just about how long you’ve been involved in the sport or how many drills you know, being a great tennis coach involves countless life skills such as communication, positive thinking, awareness, and leadership; all of which the USPTA works to instill in each one of their members through events such as this conference. As tennis coaches, we have the opportunity to not just impact someone’s tennis game, but someone’s life as a whole. As I continue throughout my tennis career, I aim to not only improve my students as players, but as people, and I’m grateful that I will have an organization like the USPTA to help me accomplish that.

Thank you USPTA Intermountain for such a wonderful experience!

Ricky Sypert

This was my first conference that I have gone to for the USPTA. I made so many new connections throughout the three days with other teaching professionals across the intermountain area as well as learned new information that I can apply to my career. A couple of the highlights from the conference were the Net Generation clinic, the social media presentation, and meeting the U30 coaches. The Net Generation clinic was such a highlight for me because I work with a lot of younger players. It was very beneficial watching how other pros coach as well as getting evaluated on my own coaching style. The social media portion was beneficial because I never understood how to market myself to the degree that was discussed. Meeting the U30 coaches was fantastic. It was very nice to see the USPTA’s commitment to better all of their younger certified teaching professionals and I am very excited to see what is in store for all of the U30 coaches!  All in all this was such a wonderful conference and I cannot wait to attend the next one.

Thank you so much! 

Hannah Shephard 

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to attend the Intermountain USPTA conference in Denver this year. I greatly enjoyed meeting many great new people and friends. I learned new ways of connecting with players (social media), as well as new forms of relating the same information in a different wording/analogy. I truly enjoyed the martial arts & Thai Chi experience. Some peers that I spoke to were a little thrown and unsure of how tennis and Thai Chi were intertwined, but I found it very relatable and even used it while coaching this past week. I really look forward to reconnecting with the "local" professionals and hopefully creating new opportunities for both tennis as well as for the players. I was a little skeptical of the Under 30 group. I tend to socialize with people well older than me (more wisdom generally), but this group has already given me potential opportunities. My state doesn't have too many USPTA members that are around my age, the closest is 3-5 hours away. While in the "U30" group I was able to speak to a peer from my state. We are attempting to get something going in his town that includes the Parks and Recreation system. One issue we are facing is housing for while I am helping out. We discussed working together during the summer from June-August. All the ideas and details haven't been flushed out yet, but its something we are working towards. Also, I am curious as to how/if I can gain access to some of the pictures taken at the conference?! The world conference coming up in August/September highly interests me. I have little to no experience with these types of conferences, but if its anything like this past one I know I would be interested in attending. Thank you again for this opportunity, and I hope to continue our contact!


Devon Sikora